Jesus Knew What the Father Wanted of Him

The book of John uniquely focuses on various key elements of the life of Jesus. From chapter 13 of this Gospel, we see Jesus giving his last recommendations, in anticipation of his death on the cross. Then, in chapter 17 is presented one of his very last prayers, which sheds exceptional light on how Jesus ended his course and his work on the Earth.

One of our goals on Earth, if we are a child of God, is to reflect the same image as Jesus, the first son of God. At GF, we say loud and clear that we make Jesus our role model (READ OUR PRINCIPLES). But if Jesus is our model, shouldn’t his example inspire us? The answer is YES: His priorities and His ways should guide us in our daily choices and actions. In the end, as Jesus victoriously finished his work, so we are also invited to experience it.

When Jesus had spoken these words, he lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, “Father, the hour has come; glorify your Son that the Son may glorify you, since you have given him authority over all flesh, to give eternal life to all whom you have given him.

John 17:1-2

This passage reveals to us that Jesus knew why He had come to Earth, as well as what He had to do while there. Jesus therefore did not dwell on doing all sorts of things during his earthly life, but his focus was on seeking to accomplish the will of the Father. He knew that the Father had entrusted Him to give eternal life to those who were His. His mission was therefore articulated around this point. He trained disciples, something that others of his contemporaries did not, which allowed him to create a setting that would support his subsequent work. However, there are things that Jesus did not try to do, such as getting married, having children, etc. These things were important, and useful for other people, charged with other missions, but not for Jesus. So, He didn’t engage in them.

Likewise, there are many things on Earth that anyone could do, some of which are not essential. We must make choices according to our mission, and aligned with our priorities. To succeed in this way, we must consider what God’s plan for us is.

In some ways, the life of Jesus seems simple. For him, many things were defined: how He was going to live, where He was to die, etc., and this came from several prophecies reported in the Bible. But on our personal subject, everything is not written. So how can we be sure to walk in the things that God intended for each of us? The solution is simply to rely on what Jesus will reveal to us concerning these aspects. Indeed, it is difficult to walk in the will of God if one does not know it. But when it is revealed to us, we can then take it into account to define our short, medium and long-term objectives.

No one can imagine or guess God’s will for himself. But God will be delighted to reveal to us his will, the works he has prepared in advance for us, the wins he wants us to achieve, etc. This is what will help us know what to prioritize, at each moment of our lives, depending on where we are in our personal journey. For example, if I know that during my life, I am called to accomplish such a thing, it will help me to define my actions daily. Today, I focus on what is current. This same vision, I must also have it in mind when the decision taken today could have an impact on me in 5 years. Despite the multitude of options available to us, we will know what to choose that best suits us. And what is useless, we can put it out of our way, because we will be aware of our true interests.

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Be blessed in Jesus!