GF Team

Follow GENESE Foundation, to walk in freedom and excel in Jesus!

James Kojo Johnson
Managing Officer

With GF, I got to know Jesus. I found the joy of living. Above all, I know today that the spiritual world is a reality. Thank you Jesus.

IT Manager and Network Assistant

GF has helped me understand how to live and fully enjoy my status as a child of God. I urge all of us to hold on to Christ so that we can grow and benefit from all that He has available to us.

Membership management and Networks

GF made me realize that I can easily access God and the truth that Jesus is. When I took the plunge, everything changed. I am a new creature in Jesus for his glory. This grace is available to all!

Public Relations Manager

With GF, I realized that God was not just my maker, but wanted to be my father and have a close relationship with me. I found Love and Reason to live in Jesus!