Our History

In May 2011, I (Josiane) came to Ghana to start a new job. When I was looking for a house to live in, I was led to pass by a particular place: a residence in which young girls lived. The decor then seemed pleasant to me and I deep down expressed the desire to organize, in the future, Bible studies in this place. The weeks that followed, I found myself absorbed by the demands of my work and the needs of my daily life. So I forgot that first desire that was born in my heart.

About eight months later, when I was wondering what to do specifically for the New Year, I heard the voice of the Lord telling me to continue on the path that I had always walked. He reminded me of my heart’s desire to create this bible study group, which was born when I had recently arrived in Ghana. He encouraged me to go down this path.

I agreed to listen to the voice of the Lord and carry out this plan that He had entrusted to me. God guided my steps towards the necessary people and miraculously opened the doors before me. By his grace, the first Bible study meeting (unattached to any denomination or confession) was held in this place at the end of January 2012, with the first few members. Ultimately, the bible study was run for many years and over time, more people integrated it. It became a tool that Jesus-Christ used to teach, build, educate and instruct us in the things that concern our Father.

Our weekly meetings were moments of restoration, training, exchanges and sharing. We spent fabulous moments together, reading, meditating and studying the Bible. Often, we engaged in evangelism, involving all members and were going to various places of the city of Accra to meet those who interested. In this way, many people had the opportunity to know Jesus in depth. They learned to hear God speak to them and developed an intimate relationship with Jesus. Today, every member of GF, no matter where he / she is, is a faithful witness to Jesus, an ambassador of Christ to men.

It was in January 2014, when we decided to organize our first large-scale evangelism campaign, that came the need to find a name for our group. Led by the Holy Spirit, we chose GENESE in order to present ourselves to the world as an Elite Generation, Built and led by the Holy Spirit. Today, GF continues to focus on teaching Jesus. We organize Bible study and prayer meetings open to those who wish.

As of this date, GF has members spread over several continents. Each member of GF can testify of the unique experience they had in Jesus. Through these Bible study meetings, we have all taken root in the knowledge of Jesus. We do not fail to confront several people, on several popular theories but which diverge from the message of the bible.

GF members have practical knowledge of spiritual things. They are not satisfied with what they hear said in the church by famous people. But they seek in the Bible everything that will allow them to know Jesus and let themselves be guided by the Holy Spirit who dwells in them. They know how to rely on the Spirit to win their victories. They do not hesitate to work like Jesus, to testify of Him, to pray for the sick or even to cast out evil spirits.

All of GF’s resources are provided to you free of charge, to assist you with your spiritual needs and help you get to know Jesus better.

Contact us, according to your needs.

Matthew 10: 8 (ESV)

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay.