This book aims to demonstrate, including to those who doubt it, that God is well able and willing to communicate with all of His children, without exception. It also shows that everyone, in order to excel, should be prepared to listen to God who not only is able to hear us, but also enjoys listening to us. In addition, in this book, the author develops the means of communication that God uses to interact with us. This relies heavily on the Bible which, in his eyes, constitutes the primary reference for the children of God. The book is enhanced and illustrated with examples from the life of the author or from her own experiences. After reading this book, the reader can expect: • To be pushed to become a child of God, if he was not yet. • Being able to recognise and understand how God could speak to him. • Be better rooted in the Bible, with solid foundations that will enlighten him on the will of God and help him develop personal communication with Him. ‘How God Speaks’ is a book which could upset certain children of God because the author was more concerned with the truth of the gospel (which the reader is invited to study with it) than with the comfort of the stillness which prevails in classical spiritual environments. This book will be particularly useful for those who, having become children of God, need to acquire knowledge on this subject of great importance to grow spiritually. No matter your background or experience, you will certainly find yourself in the writing and examples presented. Good reading!